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Terms of Use
Please read these terms of use carefully before you start to use the services of the web site sklep.navsim.pl. Using this website in any way indicates that you fully agree to each of the terms and conditions set forth in this document.

These Terms of Use describes rules for Customers to NavSim Polska sp. z o.o (NavSim Ltd.) services of selling goods to Customers by Internet via NavSim e-Shop.

1. NavSim Ltd. , located at Różana 95, in Bolesławiec, 59-700 and in Wrocław 50-068, Świdnicka 12-16 (regional sales office) is the owner of online shop.

2. E-Shop NavSim sells products via Internet. Customers making purchases enter into a sales agreement with NavSim Ltd.

3. Only registered users can place orders and make purchases in the NavSim e-Shop. For security reasons before submitting the order Customers must be logged in using their individual e-mail and password. Login is available for those with a profile in our system. Creating a profile is a very simple process and it takes about one minute.

4. Customers can choose following forms of payment:  
              - Cash on delivery of the product at the hands of a courier or in our  sales Office
              - Bank transfer to the account NavSim Poland Ltd.
              - Credit card VISA or MasterCard
              - Transfer  ‘Płacę z Inteligo’
              - Transfer  ‘Przelew mTransfer’
              - Transfer  ‘Przelew MultiTransfer’
              - Transfer  ‘Przelew24’
              - Transfer  ‘Przelew Nordea’
              - Transfer  ‘Przelew PKO BP’
              - Transfer  ‘Przelew Płacę z BPH’
              - Transfer  ‘Przelew Płacę z ING’

5. Acceptance of order starts:
              - when payment is deposited on NavSim bank account
              - after Customer’s credit card has been positively authorized (payment by credit card)

6. Order  will be cancelled when card authorization is refused or when the payment will have not been settled on NavSim bank account within 9 days.

7. Order completion time depends on products availability. Generally we ship products within 48h from the day of payments.

8. Listed prices are in Polish zloty (PLN) or Euro (EUR), depending on the chosen currency). The price given for each product is obligatory at the time of the purchase.

9. NavSim has the right to change prices, puts new products on shop, carry out and cancel promotions or make any other changes. Customers will receive an invoice for each order. Invoice will be enclosed  in the package containing the products or will be send via e-mail.

10. On Polish territory we always ship products by DHL or UPS. Shipping costs depend on weight and size of a specific product.

11. We also ship  internationally (outside Poland). Please contact us before placing your order so we could provide you with a shipping options and quotes to your country.

12. Shipping and insurance costs are borne by the customer and are listed as a separate item on the invoice.

13. Despite the fact that we make every effort we cannot guarantee that published information and technical data do not contain any shortcomings or errors. In case of any doubts please contact with our merchant before taking a decision to purchase.  

14. Right to refuse the contract is regulated by law. Customer may refuse the contract and resign from order. In case of resignation customers are obligate to contact with our office: biuro@navsim.pl. In case of resignation contract will be cancel and all payments return. If products have already been sent, customers may refuse products collection, then contributions will be reduced by the shipping and insurance costs incurred by the company. In case of contracts submitted via internet, costumers may waive the purchase contract within 10 days from the date of provision. Product should be returned to the address: NavSim Polska, ul.Różana 95, 59-700 Bolesławiec. In this case, customer is responsible for shipping costs. Please contact us before dispatching your products back to us in order to obtain an Return Authorization Number (RAN). We will not accept packages without RAN numbers.

15. If a product is defective, Customer has the right to lodge a complaint of the product, in accordance with the warranty. The Customer must make a compliant within reasonable time after the defect was discovered.

16. Company is not liable for any purchases made in e-Shop by third persons using costumers account and password.

17. The Customer is obliged to familiarize with the content of these Terms of Use.

18. Any disputes shall be determined either by a Polish court of general jurisdiction or in the courts of the country where the Customer is domiciled.

19. Polish civil law shall apply in matters not covered by these Terms of Use.

NavSim Polska Ltd.


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